Making it Happen

Blair drove into Greensboro this morning for a haircut, so I rode along and had him drop me off at Battleground Park for a run. I hopped out of the car at 7 AM, jogged for 46 minutes, then walked for 10 minutes until he pulled in to get me.

It was a lovely morning. Crisp but not freezing. Older people were bundled up with scarves and hats walking dogs of all ages and sizes. A few running groups and individual runners were out but not the throngs of runners that tend to show up closer to 8-9 AM. The runners and I nodded a "aren't we out here early" grunt at one another as we passed.

I used to live in the apartments behind Battleground Park when I first moved to Greensboro. That's how I lost my weight from college. I was new to town and knew no one, so I spent many a Saturday and Sunday walking, then eventually jogging, the parks. Back then in my twenties, I used to jog one time or maybe one and half times around the park. Today, in my mid-30's, I whipped off 2 plus laps with little effort. I love being in better shape now then I was then.  I still need to get my speed up, but that will come with practice this summer.

It's still a battle of wills to get myself outside to do it. It was still dark out when I got dressed for the run this morning and I was thinking, "I could just stay home and run around here," knowing full well I wouldn't go as long or as far as I would if I were "stuck" in a park. Then driving there I was thinking, "I could just go sit in a Starbucks and sip hot coffee and read the paper while Blair gets his hair cut." But once I got there and started running, I was fine. I enjoyed it, had a great run, and was glad I went.

Pushing through. That's the key.