Running Music

My I-pod is in a little funk in that our computer refuses to recognize it. Which is killing me because I bought some new running music I'm eager to download.

I run to the oddest song choices. The song I'm dying to download (and which I'm grooving to on the computer at full volume as I type this) is "My First, My Last, My Everything" by the late, great Barry White. Brings back fond Ally McBeal memories. Good beat and good lyrics to run to.

My other songs of choice for running include:

  • Crazy Train by Ozzy Ozborne. I was never a fan back in the day but dang--the guy can actually sing. And this is as close to the perfect running song I've ever found in terms of fun and tempo
  • Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. This was blaring before the start of the half-marathon and I feel pumped every time I hear it. "With tramps like us, baby we were born to ruuuuuuuunnnnn.....!"
  • Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. Gotta get my country in. I've also got a little Dixie Chicks, Toby Keith and Sara Evans
  • Veronica by Elvis Costello. LOVE this song. Great tempo and rather a sad, upbeat song all at once.
  • She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer. I see the video in my mind as I run.
  • Suddenly I see by KT Tunstall. Theme goodbye song from "So You Think You Can Dance."
  • The Glamourous Life by Sheila E. - Bring back the 80's!!

That's a small sampling. Some days I run to Simon & Garfunkel or Olivia Newton John and there's a lot of Aerosmith.  What about my readers? What songs motivate you while you sweat? (At the gym, that is. Let's keep it clean, people...)