Popcorn, Beer, & Changes in Time

Here's a question: Does time differ for you on the weekends than it does during the week?

It surely does for me and I commented on it yesterday to Blair. It seems as if I have all the time in the world on Saturday and Sunday, and even though I sleep in and dawdle over many tasks, I feel like I get so much more done than I do in the same time frame on a weekday. Why is that?

Yesterday (Sunday) for example, we slept in a bit with the time change, got up and leisurely read the paper. Then Blair did some gardening work while I finished up some articles that were due today. Then I went for a run. Then we both showered and blew over 2 hours in front of the TV, watching the ACC championship game (Sorry, Wolfpack). Then we went for a 4 mile walk, then the grocery store, then hung outside with the neighbors.

(I must digress . When we came home from the store, our neighbors were attempting to chainsaw through a dead tree in their front yard and push it into the street and the whole block was standing around watching them. Blair went to help the men and I joked to Pat, the woman's house we were in front of, that a good hostess would provide snacks. I didn't notice Pat disappear, but 10 minutes later she appeared with bowls of hot popcorn. Then M., the homeowner whose tree was being felled, brought out beer for everyone. So we ate popcorn, drank beer, and joked around for 40 minutes while we watched this tree come down. I love, love, love my little town.)

Anyway, after all that we came back and I cooked and Blair did taxes and so on. I felt like the day was slow and leisurely, yet we accomplished a ton. Now it's Monday, I have the same amount of hours, and I feel like I get nowhere close to the same amount of work done. Why??? Does anyone else experience this? I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this.