The Cabin Diaries - Installment 1 - "So It Begins..."

A big treat for my longtime readers... a new "Diaries" series, this time focused on our quest to build the perfect log cabin.

Creek on property
We bought 38 1/2 acres of land a couple of years ago with a view overlooking Hanging Rock State Park. Last weekend we had the area where we plan to build our cabin cleared of all brush and Blair and our builder staked out a few options on where to situate the house. (Funny side note: We're all excited to have the main view be of Hanging Rock, but our contractor--who lives a few miles up the road from where we're building--pointed out a nice view to the left of fields and meadows and said, "I'd have that for a view. I'm sick of looking at the other one." Chalk that up to 'small inner sense of foreboding #1.')

I've included a couple of before and after pictures (click on pictures to enlarge). The next step is to have a designer help us develop a building plan. We're aiming for small (under 1200 sq. feet) but unique. We selected a designer in California because we saw her quoted in several of the log home magazines we subscribe to and her voice is always the one talking about wasted money and wasted space and how to spend funds to get the most for your dollar. We had a phone conference with her last week and have a (as of yet, unsigned) contract in hand.200880-743946-thumbnail.jpg
Land before being cleared

Land after being cleared
It's all a bit scary yet exhilarating. And lengthy. We probably won't be able to start building the cabin until next spring. And you all know what a patient soul I am... this may kill me.

Although Blair is very excited, I've been dragging my feet about committing to the project. Ever the pragmatist, I fretted about the time involved in keeping up a second home, costs, would we use it enough to make it worthwhile, will having it prevent us from taking longer, international trips, now we have to buy furnishings for a second home, blah, blah, blah. A real killjoy, I've been. But taking the actual steps and seeing the land cleared has me excited. I will write books in the cabin! I will watch deer from the wrap-around porch. I will become a gourmet cook and start canning... things (whatever the hell it is people can when they are deep in the woods with no access to cable TV. ) I will haul brush and learn the names of fauna and become one with nature.

Our cabin view of Hanging Rock. We'll need to take down a pine or two...
Okay, maybe not. But it is fun to dream (apparently of being a totally new person I've never met). But it would be fun to write in the cabin and it would also be fun to bake a pie or two. I've got a year to practice. I should be ready by the time the walls go up...