Stop the Clock!

"No time! No time!" is what I feel like yelling from the rooftops. Three new (unsolicited) projects popped up this week, it's one of those weeks where I've scheduled an appointment for GYN, dentist, hair, and any other bodily function I may have, and I've got three projects all due on Monday that are gasping their last breath, begging for my attention. Add to that I need to get my feet out and pound some pavement with some miles and drive time to and from Greensboro  5 TIMES this week, and I feel like I'm running on fumes.

And yet... I'm not really. Time always appears. Life goes on.

I got my hair cut (okay yes, fine, and highlighted too) today and as I was pulling up to the shop, I reflected that hairdressing may be a nice job with little to no drama. Then I walked in the door and my poor stylist was running around like a chihuahua on speed, her helper who answers phones and shampoos clients and sweeps floors having called in sick with what my stylist suspected was less the flu and more of a major hangover.  DRAMA.

I really have low stress in my life... and am grateful for it. I spoke to a friend in Utah yesterday who's life has blown up in her face and I could feel her near hysterics on the phone.  Listening to real problems always puts mine in perspective.

And here's a bit of good news. I won our Toastmasters area impromptu speaking competition last night and will proceed to district finals on April 14th. The question asked was, "If you could travel to any point in time, whether it be past or future, what point would you travel to and why?"

My response was that I would travel 20 years in the future to see if the approximately 5 billion dollars I've spent on skin care throughout my life has been worth it. Forget visiting historical figures and bringing back wisdom for the ages. If I don't have the dewy complexion of a 15-year old in love when I visit the future, I am kicking some Arbonne butt.

Who says you have to be serious to win at speaking? Bring on the laugh track. I'm ready for the big time...   ;)