What People Don't Know About Me

My life is an open book.  A leads group I belong to asked everyone to write down one thing about ourselves that people don't know about us. Then at a future meeting, we'll try to match the events/details with the correct people. I can't think of anything to submit. People know I've written books, know I ran a half-marathon, know I used to be a librarian. What else is there?

I could submit that I met my husband on a blind date on Halloween, or that I used to be a blonde, but those seem rather ho-hum compared, for example, to a business broker in our group who used to play in a band that was the opening act for Ozzy Ozbourne. Now there's some trivia.

It's tempting to make stuff up. "I bungee-jumped in Brazil" or "Julia Roberts was my best friend as a child." Frankly, I'm feeling a bit dull and not at all "Carpe Diem."  I need to put some excitement in my life.  Suggestions???