Do you ever have days where you just feel stupid? Not ignorant stupid, but just loser-stupid. Like you just clued in that the rest of world thinks you're a joke and is secretly mocking you behind your back? I'm having one of those days.

I don't know why. Nothing's happened. I'm having a good morning. I look cute, had a good networking meeting this a.m., no real stress in my day. But I just feel... loser-like. As if I've been faking my way through life and oops, today is the day it all caught up with me.  Busted.

I'd like to say it's artist angst but I suspect most of us have days like this, where we just want to crawl under a blanket and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist.  I did some quick journaling and already feel better. Sometimes just putting words down on a page is enough to release the emotion from your system.

I debated whether or not to even blog on this topic but, eh. We've all been there. It will pass. No harm in admitting it.

Meanwhile, I've had an idea brewing in my mind for several weeks about an article I want to write for a runner's magazine. I've got 2 hours to kill until my next meeting and am going to indulge in some good old-fashioned writing time.

High-five's to all you losers roaming around out there today. ;)