Furr-bulous On Elm

Sunday's paper had a write-up on a new pet boutique that just opened in Greensboro. I popped by yesterday to check it out. It's Furr-bulous at 354 N. Elm Street and it's adorable. I stopped in to check out the place as well as introduce myself and drop off my kitty-cat books to see if they're interested in carrying them. But while there I had to snag a "Cat Lover" mug that I suspect will soon be the only mug I drink from.

Great dog stuff there. They have a gourmet pet food case with doggie birthday cakes shaped like a bone. Also bibs that read, "I'm not fat. Just Fluffy. " (I'd buy one if I thought there was any chance of getting the cats to wear it.)

Today is "workshop prep day." Lots of handouts and organizing and flipping through the millions of magazines I've collected to find relevant examples of points I'm trying to make.  The guest bedroom where I've laid everything out may never recover. Even my nosy cats appear hesitant to intrude upon the chaos.

The paperwork awaits. Have a great day.