Dena For Mayor

No one wants to be mayor. That's the news that greeted me last week in my yoga class. Apparently some much smaller towns around us have people lining up around the block to put their name in for mayor but Madison? Nope. No one wants it.

At $1100 a year, it's not the best paying job in the world. Plus, our little town has issues with more and more downtown store fronts standing empty, lack of jobs and transportation, and a host of other issues about which I am utterly and completely uninformed.

Which is why it was a hoot when my class suggested I be mayor. "Sure," I said. "As long as it's understood upfront I'll run the town as a dictatorship. Non-negotiable."

You know me well enough to know that of course I had to consider the idea for at least an eighth of a second. But there's no way I have the knowledge or--more importantly--the people skills to attempt it. People get on my nerves. Drama gets on my nerves. Babies get on my nerves. Anyone not doing exactly what I want them to do gets on my nerves. Probably not a good skill set match for mayoral duties.

Blair would be fantastic other than he doesn't have the time. Maybe someday when he retires.

Meanwhile, protect Madison. Vote down Dena for Mayor!!!