What's It Worth To You?

My niece visited us a few weeks ago and I just discovered she left a pair of pants and a shirt hanging in the upstairs guest closet. We also picked up the clay turkey she painted at The Mad Platter, fired in the kiln and now all bright and shiny with colors. I was thinking I needed to run by K-Mart and grab a box and bubble wrap, when it occurred to me I could just run by Mailboxes-R-Us and hand them the items and make them deal with it. Yes, it costs more, but the ease of transaction is worth it.

This got me to thinking about the trivial things in life that I'm willing to pay money for, where others may not. And also what I am NOT willing to pay for, that others might find worthwhile. So, here's my list.

It's Worth It To Pay The Money

  • To have my car cleaned. I don't vacuum it, I don't do the soap and hose thing. Twice a year I take it to be washed, whether it needs it or not.
  • Change the oil in my car.
  • Alterations. Yes, I will pay someone $5 to sew on a button. So sue me...
  • Trim the cats nails.
  • Box packages (for items that are big or breakable).
  • Haircut. I've never trimmed my bangs in my life and never will. We could be starving and I'd still set aside money for a professional cut and color. Non-negotiable.

I Can Do That Myself...

  • Interior painting. I've painted almost every room in our home, some several times, including rooms with tricky trim and corners and friggin' 18-pane glass windows that go on forever. But I can do it, so I'll never pay to have it done...
  • Cleaning my house. Although sometimes it gets to me, I have the mindset that if you can't take care of the house you have, you need a smaller house. (For me. I don't begrudge anyone else maid service. In fact, go for it.)
  • Washing Windows. Same as house cleaning. I'm perfectly capable of squirting and wiping off Windex, thank you very much.
  • Cook. I fantasize about paying someone to bring me fresh, vegetarian, low-fat, organic healthy meals that I can open my fridge and choose from. Then I shake my head to clear it and tell myself that if I want a meal, get my ass in the kitchen and start experimenting and cook something. It's not so hard.

Can't Decide Category

There are some things out there I can't decide whether they are worth they money or not. They include:

  • Paying someone to plant and maintain a garden. I desperately want pretty plants and flowers surrounding my house but I have an aversion to watering. Still, I can't quite bring myself to pay someone to WATER for me.
  • Personal Trainer. Having one would make me feel great and help with strength training, but the guilt at paying someone has so far outweighed the perceived benefits.

Anyone have their own items to add to any category?