Time To Buy A New Car?

Oh no! Is this the end for the mighty Saturn? For the past couple of months my Saturn, every now and again, would give a big "ka-CHUNK!" and jerk when I put it in reverse. I followed my SOP when it comes to automotive care, which is to ignore it. Then over the last 2 weeks it's had trouble finding reverse--it rolls forward a bit before engaging. So we decided to take it in.

The shop said it was something with my internal transmission, but as they didn't know much about Saturns, all they could do was replace the transmission at the price of $4100. They suggested we take it into the dealership, which we're doing this afternoon.

It's a 1996 Saturn SW with about 155,000.  The car was actually Blair's mom's and since it was paid for, we took it after she passed away and lost a car payment. I was not happy at first about driving a station wagon but I have to say, it's grown on me. It's convenient, it's roomy, it's comfortable... and I'm happily married so what do I care if I give the appearance of a soccer mom?

But if it is the transmission, we will have to give it a proper death and that means Dena gets a new car. "New" meaning a new-to-me used car. I am not a new car person, at all. The question is what. I admit, I love me a Mercedes. I also like the Honda CRX (I think that's right).  I'm not adverse to the rather blah but reliable Honda Accord. Something good on gas and low maintenance (which I guess kills the Mercedes idea...)

Who knows? Maybe the dealership will be able to fix whatever's wrong. But if anyone has car suggestions, now is the time to offer them.