Day of Drama

The Saturn lives! $1000 worth of repairs, but that still beats the price of a new car.  Besides, I'm happy to have my baby return home (never mind that my best friend huddles in the front seat in embarrassment when she visits me and I drive her around in it). =)

Can you say "Day of Drama?" That was yesterday. Holy cow, what was in the water? I dealt with contract negotiations, a flaming e-mail sent by a board member to the group of us about another board member (I call this sort of action "the public pout"), an article that just BLEW UP in my face, new assignments, and I don't know what all.  I fell into bed last night feeling like I'd been chased by a group of wild dogs all day.

All ended well.  We found an acceptable contract agreement for both sides, I took myself out of the running for the e-mail drama, the article that fell to pieces (really due to to no one person's fault. Things just went so awry with the contacts and topic that it was almost a comedy of errors) was reassigned and I love the new topic, and I spoke to a wonderful new employer whose work I am very in tune with an excited about starting.

All the same, I am doing my best to not be a little stress basket. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. I'm working on no less than 7 major projects, all with the deadline date of September 10th. I have every minute of my time mapped out for the next two weeks. No rest for the wicked (and self-employed).

To give you an idea of the stress level, here's my idea of fun. My running group has a 12-mile long run planned for Sunday and I'm longing to get to it. The thought of just pounding the pavement and focusing on nothing but my breathing and footsteps for almost two hours sounds very, very appealing right now.

Time's up. The work awaits. Please send me happy thoughts of productivity!!!