"Lessons In Stalking" Prize for Writing Contest

This is fun. In 2002 I entered a Fear of Writing competition and surprised myself (and probably those who knew me and my writing at the time) by winning. My winning entry was written based on a writing prompt encouraging me to be a Roach Lover. You can read my winning story, Don't Poach the Roach, by clicking on the title. (Fair warning: I found the contest and prompt and entered on a whim. Don't be expecting Dickens...)

Now the sponsor of the contest has come back to me and asked that I offer a signed copy of my book, Lessons In Stalking, as a prize for her newest writing contest, one involving a cat prompt. Of course I was thrilled to do so. The link to the full information about the contest is HERE.

It's a bit like coming full circle. I feel like such a grown-up. Long may the feeling last...