Sunday Long Run

Just walked in the house from running 12 miles this morning with my running group. I had a decent run with a 9:30 pace but my body is aching right now. I'm going to go eat a bottle of Advil and hop in the shower.

This is only the second time in my life I've ever made it 12 miles. The other time was during the actual half-marathon when I ran the 13.2. Next weekend is a 14-mile run which will set a new record for me.

I'm happy to see my time and strength improving, yet I have those moments (especially today, say around mile 10) where I think, "If 10 miles is this hard, how will I ever do 26.2? " Time is flying by and December 8th will be here before I know it. I know I'll be ready physically--it's getting my mental game in shape that I need to work on.

But for now--whoo-hoo! 12 miles! (Please God, send me a masseur.)