On My Mind

When people ask "What's up?" here's what I tell them:

  • Contact person for feature article profile for paper. Arrange time to meet for interview. Send photographer to his house. Write and submit article. Due Sept. 12
  • Write 750-word Piedmont Mag article. Due: Sept. 1
  • Contact 3 artists to interview for Reidsville magazine piece. Write 850-word article. Due: Sept. 1
  • Research background for cat rescue piece for Purina newsletter. Contact and interview 5 sources for story. Write 1700-word article plus sidebar. Due: Sept. 10
  • Prepare Interview questions for author of keynote speech I'm writing. Due: Sept. 23
  • Research background for speech. Write first draft. Due: Sept. 8
  • Print and mail contract to new employer. Due today
  • Research and write 1500-word article for new employer. Due: Sept. 10
  • Contact 2 magazine editors to find out where the heck my payments are. Due whenever my bank account reads zero.
  • Remind other magazine editor yet again that she still hasn't approved my topic for a column due Sept. 30
  • Research background / material for website I'm writing. Write new content. Due: Sept. 14
  • Edit of e-book. Due: Sept. 30
  • Go to post office, bank, and CVS - need eye makeup remover and hair conditioner
  • Research and write 5 phone scripts. Due: Sept. 3
  • Contact client who cancelled last week's meeting and see if (please no) wants to reschedule soon
  • Think of new and interesting 30-second commercial for tomorrow's networking meeting.
  • Go through the load of mail and files gasping to be organized on side of my desk. Due: Probably never...
  • Buy sympathy card (add to going out list above)
  • Conduct massive amounts of new research for new Diversity Woman magazine for which I will be assistant editor. Brainstorm story ideas, front-of-book content/columns/visual look, get to know competing magazines, etc. Submission ideas due to editorial team Sept. 20th.
  • Need to start prep work at some point for 4 upcoming speeches - 2 in October and 2 in November

What's up with you? - Dena