Creative Writing Prompts

I've recently begun spending time each morning doing a creative writing prompt. I get up at 5, grab a cup of coffee and write for anywhere from 10-40 minutes. At this point, the prompts are random ones I'm pulling from a book. The idea is to become accustomed to doing creative writing first thing every morning so that I'll eventually move back into doing more novel writing.

This morning's prompt just asked that I list the Top 10 Events Of My Life. "Top" meaning significant. So they could be happy, traumatic, rage-invoking, mellow, whatever. I had a slow start, even forgetting things such as "moving to North Carolina." 

It's a good exercise. Try and see what you come up with. I was surprised at some of the things I'd forgotten and what was included on my final list.

If you do this exercise, chances are you list the "big" events - marriage, children, divorce, jobs, etc. The second part of the prompt asks you to list 10 more top ten events, this time feeling free to include smaller ones.

My eyes skimmed ahead so I know tomorrow's prompt involves choosing one of the things from either list and doing something with them. But I don't know what yet--sorry. =)  Still, the above exercise can be done quickly and it's interesting. If you have a few spare moments today, give it a try.