Cannonball Run 2008

Saturday was the 5th Annual Greensboro Cannonball Run 1/2 Marathon. I shaved over 5 minutes off my time from last year, coming in this year at 1:50:47, which is a 8:29/mile pace. Very pleased with that.

Running the race was a lot of fun. Most of my running group was there and the race is an out and back, meaning runners pass each other as they circle at the turnaround and head back toward the finish. I was cheering the people ahead of me on as they came back and cheering the runners behind me on, and they did the same for me. We'd yell each other's names as we passed - "Dena!" "Lewie!"  About mile 9, a woman running beside me said, " Are you Dena?" When I said I was she said, "You sure know a lot of people." I laughed, and explained I trained with Off N'Running, which is the main running store in Greensboro and a quick way to get to know a lot of runners.

At the end, I realized there was a small shot of coming in under an hour fifty minutes but I would have to hustle. So I'm trying to sprint the last 1/2 mile and suffering for it - huff, huff, gasp, pant. I'm literally 300 yards from the finish, I sound like a freight train or an asthmatic elephant, and as I pass this woman she says, "Hey--do you like those running skirts?"

Hel-lo??? Do I look like I'm capable of conversation at this point? No, I do not. Find me afterward and ask about the skirts and I'll be happy to talk to you (I love them), but seconds from the finish? Give me a break...

The cruel part was that since we were scheduled for a 21-mile run this weekend, I had to get up today and run another 7. I entertained thoughts of running the 7 after the marathon and decided by mile 5 that was NOT going to happen. Next weekend is 21 as well, then the miles start going down as the race draws near.

I've been eating protein like a fiend and am feeling much better, more like my old self. This week is a busy week, so need to try to keep the healthy heating and hydrating up.