They're Cute, But Exhausting

I'm in Atlanta with family. My sister, her husband, and 2 kids, ages 5 and 19 months are also here. To my great amusement, the 19 month old has attached himself to Blair. He's constantly on Blair's lap. following him around, wants to be carried, and has had Blair read "The Tractor Book" approximately 9 million times. I'll post pictures soon.

I am going to have to run a marathon sometime soon just to work off the FOOD I've eaten this week. Chips, cookies, chocolate, pizza... I think the jeans are already feeling tighter.

Looking forward to getting home and doing some running. Happy to find I'm missing it.

Cat Writer's Conference was great. Much smaller this year than in year's past, likely due to the cost of travel, but some fantastic seminars. I only attended Friday but wish I had been able to spend some time there on Saturday. Felt great to reconnect with friends and colleagues.

Now going to watch the Ohio State/Michigan game and try to detox myself from a sugar high. Looking forward to being home tomorrow and seeing the kitties!