Yearly Physical

"Get a physical" has been on my New Year's list for about the past 8 years now. 2008 is the year--ta-dah!--I finally get to check that one off.

I had my "yearly" physical today. Everything is a go. Cholesterol was in the mid-range which, while acceptable, surprised me. I expected it to come back low.  My iron is low, but only 1 point below the acceptable range so nothing to be concerned about. Everything else is status quo. (See "What's New?" "Nothing" entry of Wednesday.)

I found a doctor who is also a runner--very important as non-running doctors often tell you to quit running at the first hint of an injury while doctors who run tend to dig deeper and evaluate if there really is a need to stop or slow down on the running.  We chit-chatted about running, races, and PR's during the visit. I like him. He sat with me for at least 30 minutes, if not more, and went over every detail of my bloodwork and family history. I can't remember the last time a doctor spent more than 5 minutes in the same room with me.  Very refreshing.

I couldn't recall the last time I had a tetanus shot so they gave me one today.  Can you say, "Can no longer raise my right arm above shoulder height?" That shot packs a wallop. Hopefully I'll regain use of my limbs by tomorrow. (BTW, a shout-out to my best friend who had a boxing session with her trainer last night. She's so sore today she literally "can't hold a pencil." Productive day at work, Trish?)

Here's to all my reader's health!