Kung-Fu Kitty

Blair and I have started a nice little morning ritual where he feeds the fish and then we sit together on the couch in semi-darkness, sipping coffee and watching them eat. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't.  It's a peaceful opening to the day before "the world" intrudes.

Of course, if you have cats, "the world" always intrudes. The other morning we were sitting quietly, contemplating the fish when suddenly kung-fu cat appeared and attacked the fish tank.

"WAH-HAH-HEE-AIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE-YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lucy leapt onto the dining room chair and pummelled the glass barrier. Her paws were a blur of karate chops. Fish scattered, Blair and I both jumped and kung-fu kitty, having made her point, leapt off the chair and raced out of the room.

"Is she high? Blair asked, brushing spilled coffee off his robe.

I have no idea what gets into her. After 80 billion attempts, you would think she would have clued in by now that the fish tank is impenetrable.  Apparently she thought ancient Eastern martial arts held the key to success.  Hopefully she's learned her lesson.

Although I'm concerned she hasn't give up. I saw her studying a book of dark magic the other day.

Be very afraid...