Do You Watch U-Tube?

If you're under 30, you no doubt are well acquainted with U-Tube, the site where bored, marginally talented people with way too much time on their hands post video clips for those of us who are bored, completely untalented, but also have way too much time on our hands.

I never go to U-Tube unless someone e-mails me a link with the requisite, "This is funny!" note attached. Even then, I may or may not visit. There are too many other things I'd rather do in life than sit in front of a computer all day and surf. (One of them is sitting in front of my computer blogging about how superior I am for not spending all my time surfing.)

Anyway, I friend sent me a link to a funny cat video. Here it is: I enjoyed the first video so much, I found a second. Here's that one: Then I was having so much fun, I found a third:

At this point, it was obvious I needed help. I managed to close down my U-Tube connection and haven't dared go back since.  I see now how people get sucked in and suddenly 2 hours have disappeared.

Not me. I'm logging off right now.

But you should go watch the cat videos. They're really funny.