"Kiss My Kitty Butt" Home Game Sweeps The Nation

My friend Ed has two daughters, ages I think 9 and 11. He called me last night about six and I heard the screams and laughter of about 5 pre-teen girls. "Dena's on the phone," said Ed, and all the girls shouted a chorus of "HI!"

"What's this about?" I asked.

"The girls are playing Denaball," Ed replied.

I have no memory of inventing a game called Denaball, so I took the bait. "And what, exactly, might that be?"

"That," said Ed, "means they've taken one of their stuffed cat dolls and lined up on either side of the dining room table. The object is to push the cat doll past the players on the other side, and have it fall all or partially off the table."

"Uh-huh," I said.

"Well then, if you succeed, you yell, 'Kiss My Kitty Butt! " As he said this, screams of laughter came from behind him.

How cool is that? There is no greater compliment in life than to have a group of pre-teen girls--the harshest critics on the planet--embrace your vision of a world filled with "Kiss My Kitty Butt!"  I begged Ed to send me a picture of the girls playing the game, to post on the blog. I also asked for the complete set of rules, so I can post those as well. Then all of you can enjoy the home version of "Kiss My Kitty Butt."

I didn't stop smiling all night.