I recently started writing for a UK-based web site called ""  They've done a nice job putting the site together and the employer is one of the friendliest I've worked for, so I thought I'd give them (and me) a plug. I've written two articles for them so far: one on pets and divorce and one on dogs in other cultures.

The dogs in other cultures article is one I just finished and was harder to write then I expected. While researching, I came across a lot of horrible things done to dogs in other cultures that I won't go into here. (Not that horrible things don't happen to dogs in our culture. I live in an area where people seem to think it's acceptable to chain a dog in a backyard and leave him there for the next seven years.) But I ended the article with what has been a favorite quote of mine for some time:

 "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."  - Gandhi

I think the greatness of a person and their moral progress may also be judged by the way the individual treats their animals.

Let's all go out and be great today.