Unable to Focus

For almost a week now, I've been unable to settle in and focus on any one task. Whether it's brushing my teeth or working on an article, I kind of float around the task at hand, diving in and out like a seagull dipping into the ocean to snag a fish and then flying away, only to return for a repeat attempt two minutes later.

I feel jittery. It can't be caffeine--I don't drink it. I'm not feeling stressed or nervous. I'm just off in la-la land and, frankly, it's annoying. I sit down to work on something and pop up to put clothes in the washer. Sit down, oops! Forgot to get coffee. Sit down, check e-mail, then up to pet the cats. Sit down, finally work on article. Phone rings. Ignore it, but get up to get more coffee, change laundry, and put on music. Sit down, thumb through a book and wonder if I'm on the right path to accomplishing my goals. Get up to check hair in mirror (I'm letting it grow out long and curly and it's taking up quite a bit of space these days.) And just on and on and on...

Getting ready for bed last night, I walked in and out of the bathroom no less then 7 times. That's ridiculous. I can't even settle in and read. Nothing holds my attention and I have... not quite a headache, but more what feels like could be the start of a headache.

I'm monitoring my TV time and trying (trying) to cut back on how often I check e-mail. I think so much of what I do in life, like TV and e-mail, is cut up into tiny little sections that the brain rebels when it's presented with a task that requires a long stretch of undivided attention. I'm retraining it to PAY ATTENTION.

And now that I've managed to sit still for the six minutes it took to write this blog, I'm freaking out. Calm on the exterior, doing the cha-cha inside. Let's hope an hour on the treadmill will take care of that.

Happy hump day.