What's Good In Life

Enough of the negativity already--I'm wallowing in it. Let's focus instead on what is good in life:

  • The uber housesitter left Eddy's Slow Churned Peanut Butter Chunk ice-cream in the freezer.
  • She also left lager in the fridge. (That's a good housesitter.)
  • If you'll recall from this entry, we'd lost the general contractor for our cabin. However, Blair found a brilliant man with loads of experience who came recommended by the Stokes County inspection center. He met with him and feels really good about working with him. Bonus: His name is Dallas. Important, I think, for a contractor to have a rugged name...
  • While I lost some valuable data in the computer crash, it could have been much worse. Since I'm not doing a whole lot of freelancing these days, there wasn't as much to lose. Recovering what I lost will be uncomfortable and involve some mourning (like for the half-finished article I wrote that's now gone), but it's nothing I can't bounce back from with relative ease.
  • The cats appear ecstatic to see us. They sit still to be combed and purr and wind around our ankles. The first night we were back, I woke up at 2 am to find a tabby had curled herself against my chest and under my chin and was pressed up against me as tightly as could be.
  • It's awesome to be home. There's just something about being surrounded by your stuff that makes you feel good.
  • I picked up the car today with it's "new" engine with 12,000 miles on it. Long live the Camry!
  • There is a red cardinal on the tree outside the window as I type this, staring in at me.

So you see, life is not all angst. I tend towards the morbid and dramatic at times (shocking, yes?) but all in all, life is good.