Blair Makes It Better

I have the same relationship with my husband that many of us have with car mechanics. We take our car in because it's making a funny noise, only the minute the mechanic slides behind the driver's seat, the funny noise disappears and he's left looking at you with an expression of mild concern for your mental well-being. 

Same thing in the Harris house. If you read yesterday's entry, you know I was trapped at home with no phone and no e-mail. I went to yoga last night to calm down and before I left I checked the phone--still open on the other end and we couldn't call out. Blair gets home, picks up the phone, sets it down, and says, "I've got a dialtone."

On the one hand, bless him for fixing the problem. On the other...are you kidding me? There was a problem! There was no dialtone ALL DAY. Please, Mr. Mechanic, I'm not insane and making the noise up. It really was there..

Sigh. Anyway, Blair also fixed e-mail in a jiff. I had deleted a server link and it took less than 5 minutes to restore it. I'm a happy camper this morning with phone and e-mail.

We're still studying the "no signal" problem from our cell phone and cordless phones though. Blair wonders if the wi-fi that came with the new Macs has anything to do with it. When we got the Mac's is pretty much when the phone problems began. I'm going into Verizon today to get a new cell phone and see if that does anything.

Meanwhile, just happy to have returned to the 21st century.