We Now Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Life

It's Monday morning and I've got the radio tuned to my favorite station, a cup of decaf coffee in front of me, and cats winding about my ankles, threatening anarchy because it's been a least 7 minutes since I last paid them attention.

I'm back. No more working away from home. My schedule, my coffee, my laptop, my life. I'm VERY happy to sit down this AM and crank out some work. I LOVE working from home. I didn't realize quite how much until I spent last week filling in for a friend at his office. The people and work were great--I just missed my routine. The freedom to do what I want, when I want, in whatever time increments suit my mood. Spoiled? Yes, and oh-so-grateful for it.

And there is much to be done. Before I went to bed last night I wrote down a quick "reminder" list of what needs to take place today. I think I need to switch the decaf to the real stuff, pay for the cats to go to therapy and learn to cope, and hunker down with laser-like focus.

Sounds like a wonderful day to me. Hope your Monday is a great one!