Why I Love Lesser Evil Snack Company

Blair and I were browsing through the chip aisle at the supermarket the other day (some people window shop at fine department stores, we drool over salty items at Wal-Mart) and Blair picked up a bag of Lesser Evil Krinkle Sticks. "We have to buy these for the name alone," he said. Considering they are all natural, baked, gluten and cholesteral free, I agreed. Plus, the "Stop Bad Snacking!" trademarked logo on the front made me laugh.

One word folks- YUM. Did you ever have Andy Capp Hot Fries as a kid? These taste just like them only without the hot. And I just have to endorse any company whose founder goes by the title, "Big Time Snacker" and whose contact info on the bag lists "New School (e-mail)," "Old School (phone)" and "Dark Ages (Address)."

The bag is dotted in humor such as a "High In Moral Fiber" logo and the "Potato Chip Snackcident Prevention" (also trademarked) explanation. The Lesser Evil website is even more fun with the "Spread the Lesser Evil Love" note, "shop by craving," and the blog.

Go getcha some today.