Lasik Eye Surgery Laminations

Photo courtesy of WikipediaTomorrow is my Lasik Eye Surgery. I went in today for a pre-surgery check-up, where they sat me in the big chair and pressed the optical refractor (see photo) against my face and proceeded to flip lenses in front of each eye, asking each time, "Which looks clearer? Number one? [FLIP] Or number 2?" "Number 1? [FLIP] Number 2?"

I have always feared this exam, namely because there is no sure way to pass it. Was number one more clear or did I  just imagine that? Can they tell if I'm lying, even if it's unintentional? Did she just have me choose between lenses 3 and 4 because my choice between 1 and 2 was so obviously wrong?

If I was nervous about the exam on a normal day, the stress is quadrulped given that LASER SURGERY will be performed on my eyes tomorrow based on my answers. Holy crap! Is it too late to admit I said #2 looked clearer only because I suspected that was what the lab tech wanted to hear? That I was guessing when I read most of those letters on the bottom line and what I called an E may have really been a fuzzy H or P? That, in reality, I saw no difference between lenses 3 and 4? Dear God... what have I done???

Yeah, I'll be having that valium before my surgery tomorrow. You betcha.