A Letter From Blueberry

Blueberry, the dog who sat at the Eden Humane Society for over 2 years, wrote the Animal Protection Society a letter about her new home: 

Dear APSRC members,

Thank you so much for helping me find a permanent home.  I love my new home and family.

My new mom made some pictures of me and Spazz.  One is of Spazz and me playing like we do.  I am getting the better of him.  One is of me after we play.  I am hot and panting.  One is of me being cute. And then one is of the two of us.

Spazz and I have a big lot we stay in when Mom is at work.  We have lots of toys  and things to play with and chew on.  When Mom gets home we go for a long walk and have time to play and run and chase each other.  We have our supper and we have treats before we go to bed.  We have treats before Mom leaves for work too.  I love treats.  We have so many treats we don't know which to eat first.

I am learning to sit.  I don't do it as well as Spazz yet.  But I try.  I get so excited about treats I can't be still.  I like to jump.

On the weekends, we get to be out of our lot.  We do things on the farm.  Last weekend we worked on the cow pasture fence.  I loved that.  We were in the woods.  There is so much to see and smell.  We we come in, we all lay down and take a nap under the carport.  I lay at the back door.  I want to know if Mom is going somewhere.

Our other canine family members have been good to us.  They are sort of old and don't want to run and play like we do.  But that is ok.  I am good to them.  

Thank you again for caring about me and my well being.

Love and licks,  Blueberry

Blueberry Found A Home!!

No more cages for this sweet dogWhen I checked my e-mail this morning, I found a note informing me that Blueberry, the dog from last week's post who had been at the Shelter for over 2 years, has been adopted!! A retired couple who had adopted another dog from the Shelter came back for Blueberry.

Many thanks to all of you who e-mailed and checked in with me to offer to pay Blueberry's adoption fee or just let me know you were pulling for this sweet girl. I am swooning with happiness for her. She gets her own bed! She gets ear and back scratchies! She gets a yard (30 acres) and treats and love. Lots of love. She's earned it. 

Today is a good day. 



Blake & Tulip Need A Home -- Together!

BlakeI worked an adoption fair at Petco last Saturday for the Animal Protection Society of Rockingham County and FELL IN LOVE with two of the dogs there. Retriever mixes, Tulip and Blake are brother and sister and so freaking cute they make me want to lose my mind. They are very devoted to one another as well. Obviously, we'd like to get them out of the shelter and into homes but it would be ideal if they could stay together. TulipGoing into Petco, Tulip was nervous. The sliding doors and smell of other dogs was freaking her out and she kept backing away from the doors. Then she saw Blake trot on inside, happy as can be, and suddenly she was fine. She followed him inside, no problem. It was like she said to herself, "Well, if he's going to be there it must be okay."

TulipI think both dogs are around 11 months. Everyone remarked that for retrievers, they are very laid back. Blake especially is a big ol' lounge dog. He just sprawled on the floor at Petco and I could just picture him hanging out on the floor beside a couch, just happy to be near people. Blake

Please--these are wonderful dogs. Pass this link around in case anyone you know may know someone who would love to share their life with some super-sweet--and beautiful--dogs.