The Eternal, Never-Ending, Repetitive Search for the Perfect Black Flats

I need a pair of black flats.

That statement is enough to send me into a tailspin of almost non-recoverable depression.

I hate shopping. I especially hate shoe shopping. And I especially especially hate shopping for black flats which are like the little black dress in that the right pair is supposed to carry you through any occasion, except I keep getting it wrong. (Hence, the hate.)

I currently own 3 pairs of black flats. One is an el-cheapo pair I convinced myself could pass for a higher end shoe but which scream out "Payless shoe sale! Payless shoe sale!" with each cheap pleather step. 

Another pair I bought while we were on vacation somewhere. The cute shoes I'd brought were cutting my feet to shreds and in an act of desperation I ducked into a store and bought a pair of grandma-approved walking shoes.

The final pair is semi-comfortable and semi-cute, but are about five years old and falling apart. So it's time.

I hit Kohl's first. (Another thing... I loathe spending money on shoes. I'm brutal on them and, as we've just shown, I have an appalling lack of judgment. Just because I pay over $100 for a pair does not in any way shape or form guarantee the shoe will be cute and/or comfortable.)  Vera Wang had 2 pairs of black flats that, if combined together, would have been cute. But one was open toed and the other had a bow on the end. I am so NOT a bow person, so I moved on.

I tried Belk's because I had a coupon. Found an adorable pair of Calvin Klein flats on sale. Loved them. Had to have them. All they had was an 8. Spent some time walking up and down the aisle in them, pondering just how much it really mattered that I wear an 8 1/2. As the toes started to swell, decided it mattered a great deal.

Walked in to Rack Room shoes. Peeked down an aisle. Walked out.

Went to Macy's. No black flats, but scored an awesome pair of black boots for half price. My current boots are almost being held together with duct tape at this point, so I'm psyched.

And done. I found a pair of flats I like, so I'm over it. I popped open my lap top, logged into Zappo's and ordered the Calvin Klein flats in an 8 1/2. They should be here in 4-5 days. The wait is WELL worth my not having to visit another store.

I just dread having to go through this whole exercise again in another two years.