Uwharrie Mountain Run... Not For Me

It's time to come clean. I am dropping out of this Saturday's 20-mile Uwharrie Mountain Run. There was a chance the race was going to be cancelled due to inclement weather and I hoped this might help me save face, but no such luck. An e-mail from the race director came through last night with the subject line "THE RACE IS ON!!"

Here are my reasons for backing out:

  • We already have snow accumulation on the ground. As I type this, more snow and freezing rain is falling. Uwharrie is a treacherous run during dry conditions. Running downhill on loose gravel covered in ice scares me. 
  • I'm not ready. I have done minimal trail running and no hill work. 
  • I need an attitude adjustment. Running the mountain requires a big dose of "bring it!" attitude which is missing from my mental make-up. 
  • I want a friend. It's more fun to suffer and struggle through one of these things when you have a partner to push you. 

I'm disappointed in myself. Sitting out the race because of the weather is probably the smart call, but I know that I lucked out with that excuse. I would have run it if the weather had been clear, but I know I'm not ready and I'm just as happy to have an excuse to bail. 

What I'm looking at for Saturday instead is a 20-mile run on the treadmill. I'm hoping I can get to Greensboro to run with the group but we'll see what Mother Nature holds in store for us.

Meanwhile, it's absolutely stunning outside. A fresh inch of snow on the trees and rooftops and big, fat, flakes continue to fall. 

I haven't given up. Next year, Uwharrie, be warned.

I'm comin' for ya.