Here's How It Went Down...

Nothing to see here. Move along. The e-mail came through this morning: I can make egg drop for you today. Meet at car dealer 2:30; I give you egg – 2 dozen.

I instantly sent my reply: The fuzz may have me followed. If we need to abort, I will send you a text message with code words CRACKED EGG. 

At 2:30 I glided my car alongside a parked SUV, motors running. 

"You got the cash?"

"Right here. You got the goods?"

There was a quick exchange through the car windows, a furtive glance to see who may have been watching, then we each slid our windows up and pulled away.

Drug deal in Madison? Nah, just me buying some local farm fresh eggs from a friend. 

But I'd still prefer the fuzz didn't hear about it.