Rules for Shopping

Oh yes, I now own these puppies...Ransacking my closet the other day for a suitable outfit to wear to a meeting with a client that wouldn't leave me melting in 85 degree heat, I noticed that for the past 10 years of my life I have apparently bought nothing but sleeveless blouses. I also pulled out swimsuits I'd purchased around approximately the same time Madonna burst onto the music scene. In light of an upcoming beach trip in July with my best friend, it became apparent I needed to do a bit of shopping.

I'm not a shopper. Shopping makes my little linear brain hurt. Too many choices, too many chances to make a bad decision, plus I believe everything the store clerks tell me. (It never occurs to me to ask if they work on commission when they assure me the purple rhinestone pants are all the rage and when paired with a blazer, entirely appropriate as office wear.)

Blair was busy around the house, so I was on my own. As I drove into town, I made a mental list of shopping rules: 

  1. Nothing sleeveless
  2. Buy color. No beige, black, white, gray
  3. Necessities include a swimsuit and black pants 
  4. No buying anything that I don't know exactly what I can wear it with
  5. No impulse buys
  6. Focus on professional wear over casual wear
  7. Shop for the best bargain

You can guess what happened. I started off at Old Navy where I grabbed the first swimsuit I tried on that looked decent simply to end that misery. Then I made myself feel better by buying a few on-sale casual pieces to wear over the swimsuit so it would never have to see the light of day.

I moved on to the White House Black Market store in search of black pants. Didn't find any I liked, but I did walk out with a black and white striped tank top, a b&w blouse that I need to find a pair of pants to match before I can wear it, jean capris which I'm not sure I like but the sales clerks assured me were adorable when I tried them on, and 4.5-inch (yes, you read that right) wedge heels which, although they make my legs look stunning, I'm not entirely convinced I can walk in.  

I raced home after that. I am simply not to be trusted. I still need black pants but am unwilling to go back out near a store for fear I'll end up coming home with something only slightly less practical than what I've already bought... like a backless top and stilettos. 

I did get the swimsuit, so I can at least check that off the list. And if anyone finds a a pair of palazzo style black pants, preferably in linen, can you let me know? My only requirement are the pants must be a good 4 inches longer than usual so I can wear them with my kickin' new heels.