Brenda (the dog with 9 lives) Still Needs A Home

I believe I have met the world's first puppy-cat. Brenda, the dog I blogged about 2 weeks ago, is now working on what must amount to her 4th or 5th life. She was quite literally minutes away from being put down last week, TWICE, and each time we (Animal Protection Society of Rockingham County) managed a stay of execution. I imagine someone running into the put down room at the vet's yelling, "Wait! Wait! The Governor called!"

Bottom line, Brenda is currently at the Humane Society in Eden, NC. She's still living in a cage, but she's alive. And I now believe more than ever that this dog was meant to live for a reason. She is going to make someone a GREAT pet. The photos you see here were taken at a volunteer's home. They kept Brenda for the weekend before being able to release her to the Humane Society. They said she was cheerful, fun, didn't bark, and got along great with their cat and other dogs. She also l-o-v-e-s her rubber bouncy ball. 

June is National Adopt-A-Cat month but given that Brenda has that 9 lives cat thing working for her, I'm asking everyone to please work on finding Brenda a home this month as well. She is so much love and fun all wrapped in a furry bundle. And look at those ears and that smile. What's not to love?