Working Gal Week

I'm an official working gal this week, filling in for a friend who's on vacation. I write for the company he works for and therefore have a working knowledge of their business. The business is operated out of a home and I'm there 9-5 this week, answering phones, writing scripts and doing some administrative tasks. 

It's been years since I've worked in an office environment of any kind so I was surprised how easy it was to sync back into the rhythm of office life. In at 9, sit at the desk, don't move until lunch at 1, be back promptly by 2, etc. I'm defined by routines so it's not surprising I find marching to the corporate drum something of a comfort.

That being said, I am so very grateful for my freelance life and ready to get back to it. However, working at a desk this week with no options to leave or set my own schedule has taught me a few things:

  •  I would be skinnier if I worked in an office. Being here has eliminated my ability to graze throughout the day. And I'm not hungry, which tells me I'm snacking at home out of habit.  
  • Despite what I tell myself, I'm perfectly capable of working out at 5:30 in the morning. I stretch and yawn and procrastinate in the a.m., telling myself my body needs time to wake up. Not true. Plus, I've enjoyed getting my workouts in so early. Will I continue once this week is over? I HOPE so, but we'll see...
  • I need music and sound and people more than I realized. Being in a home office, the space I'm working in this week is very silent. Just the low hum of the fan on the computers. I cleared my throat and startled myself with the sound. Really craving some tunes and the background bustle of activity. My need to work in a coffeehouse at least once a week is starting to make sense to me now. 
  •  I need to make better use of my time. On so many working-from-home days, I find the day has slipped by and I can't account for how I've spent my time. Being in an office reminds of the drill: Come in, sit down, get to work. Since I'm here on other people's dollar, I'm not wasting time on Twitter or FB or following random links. I'm here to work. It wouldn't hurt to carry that attitude back to my desk. 
  • Nothing beats a packed lunch. I'll start with food and I'll end with food. I'm seriously thinking of packing my lunch in the morning and leaving it in the fridge for me to eat when I break. It's been great looking forward to eating what I've packed, plus it takes away the urge to snack because I know what I have waiting for me. 

So there you go. I'm eager to return to the freelance life (where if I want to take lunch at 10:15 a.m., I can make that happen), but I'm grateful for this week as a reminder of just how freaking-fantastic a life I lead.