Spicy Fig & Artichoke Salad

Oh, snap. Do I have a recipe for you! Spicy Fig & Artichoke Salad. I know. Figs, right? Leave your doubts at the door. This salad is soooo good. I made it for dinner tonight and while I enjoyed it as an entree, it would make a snappy "impress your guests with your culinary genius" side salad. Another benefit? It's super-easy to make. Cut up everything ahead of time and just pop it in the skillet every 2 minutes. I make notes on keeper recipes and this one earned a "YUM! Serve to guests or take to parties" note. The full recipe can be found here at Vegetarian Times. 


p.s. I used a combo of watercress and mixed greens, but you could just use the mixed greens if you prefer. I also used maple syrup in place of brown rice syrup. (check me out, giving recipe advice. Woot! Woot!)