Perhaps Medication Would Help

Today's blog post is more for my benefit than yours. I don't know if we're in some weird phase of the moon or if perhaps latent ADD has kicked in, but scattered is the only word to describe my mental processes these days. I have an abundance of "stuff" begging to be checked off the list but I'm paddling with one oar and going in circles. I thought maybe taking a little breather to just sit back and list what needs to happen in my life might calm me down and provide a little focus.

Dena's "I Must Be In Control & Do Everything Or Die Trying" List

Arts Council - Type and submit Membership/Fundraising committee notes, follow-up with member on hosting radio show, prepare press release, friend on FB fan page

Blue Ridge Relay - 208 mile race starts this Friday! To buy: headlamp, socks, travel pillow DO LAUNDRY! Bring: sheet, cash, towel, blanket, pillowcase, video recorder, reflective vest and light, notebook/pen, travel games, extra shoes...

Animal Protection Society/Western Rockingham Chamber of Commerce coffee - The APSRC is hosting a chamber coffee this Thursday from 8-9 AM at the Hunter House Bed & Breakfast (my neighbors!). I'm the rep for our group. WED: pick up bagels at Panera. Buy regular coffee to make. Check with B&B about using their coffeepot. Buy orange juice, fruit. Review recent stats of animals helped for mini-speech as coffee host. 

Book Promotion: Finish going through Twitter pals to send postcards to. Arrange blog tour. Compile list of people willing to write reviews and send to publicist. E-mail nice woman who has been waiting over a week for my response about appearing on her pod cast. 

Decide what to write for my next book. (No, I can't even think about it now. My brain will explode.) 

November Speech - I'm a guest speaker in November at the international Cat Writer's Association in NY. Haven't started on my talk and quite a bit of research is involved. Yeah. Also, contact hotel and make sure room has Wi-Fi capabilities

Buy plane ticket. Flying to Chicago in October to visit my sister and then will drive back to NC with my Mom, her cat, and her overweight Maltese who is afraid of the car. Call sister & mom to coordinate arrival/departure dates.

Answer e-mails - Friends and clients are waiting for responses. Book project for client is on hold. Must. Do. Now.

Dinner: Needs to sit in fridge at least an hour to mix flavors and will take about 30 minutes to make. 

Okay, all of the above needs to happen before Thursday at 2:30 PM. After that, I'm gone to Blue Ridge to test my legs against some hills. Thanks for letting me vent. I feel calmer seeing it all written out. Now it's just a matter of focusing and going down the list one by one, until everything is done. 

Deep breaths,