Cheater Cheater, Sugar Eater

Today's post is a public shaming. I figure if I'm going to brag about the good times, I should be honest about the bad. 

Earlier this week I crowed celebrated blogged about how cutting out sugar had led to some weight loss. Shortly thereafter, I fell off the no-sugar bandwagon. Bumpity-bump-bump. Yesterday at Starbucks I gave in to cravings and enjoyed a dark-chocolate graham square--at 22 grams of sugar! I've also had some bananas and today I ate kale sauteed in orange juice and sprinkled with raisins. I also had some french bread and wine with dinner. How about some sugar with that sugar, sug-ah?  

I FEEL TERRIBLE. As in, physically ill. My stomach is queasy and I've had a small headache that started about two hours after I ate the chocolate graham square and that hasn't gone away since. 

Is it the sugar making me feel bad? I don't know, but it seems a reasonable guess. That's the only thing I've changed in my diet/routine. And after eating each of the sugary items, I felt fine for about 30 minutes and then I just felt... yech. 

This is good. It reinforces the message that I'm better off without the sugar. The kale and occasional banana, fine. But the bread and chocolate need to go bye-bye. (The wine is not going anywhere. Don't even think it.) 

So back to it. No refined sugar. Go team no-sugar!

Just someone, please... keep me away from Starbucks.