Blake & Tulip Need A Home -- Together!

BlakeI worked an adoption fair at Petco last Saturday for the Animal Protection Society of Rockingham County and FELL IN LOVE with two of the dogs there. Retriever mixes, Tulip and Blake are brother and sister and so freaking cute they make me want to lose my mind. They are very devoted to one another as well. Obviously, we'd like to get them out of the shelter and into homes but it would be ideal if they could stay together. TulipGoing into Petco, Tulip was nervous. The sliding doors and smell of other dogs was freaking her out and she kept backing away from the doors. Then she saw Blake trot on inside, happy as can be, and suddenly she was fine. She followed him inside, no problem. It was like she said to herself, "Well, if he's going to be there it must be okay."

TulipI think both dogs are around 11 months. Everyone remarked that for retrievers, they are very laid back. Blake especially is a big ol' lounge dog. He just sprawled on the floor at Petco and I could just picture him hanging out on the floor beside a couch, just happy to be near people. Blake

Please--these are wonderful dogs. Pass this link around in case anyone you know may know someone who would love to share their life with some super-sweet--and beautiful--dogs.