Sunny Seat Cat Bed Product Review

I was thrilled last month to receive an e-mail from Sunny Seat cat beds, asking if I would be interested in reviewing their product. Me? Offer an opinion? On something cat related? Gee, I don’t know. I guess I could try…

Right. So the Sunny Seat arrives and I am all kinds of excited. Both our cats are indoor-only and I’m always looking for ways to share the outdoors with them. As they don’t seem as fond as I am of me holding and cuddling them while standing near a window, I figured we’d give the Sunny Seat a try.

There was just one problem. Our girls are old and fat. (Mainly fat.) And as the years pass, they have come to show a decided indifference in anything new.  We hooked the Sunny Seat up to one of our windows, made oohing and ahhing noises in front of the cats, placed the beloved Mr. Vet toy on the Sunny Seat… nothing.

That’s okay. We just switched to plan B.

“Huh, hello? Mom?”

Mom has two cats, a 6-year-old male named Charmy and a 6-month old male kitten named Magic. She volunteered her home for Operation Sunny Seat evaluation.

First thing is installation. The website promises that Sunny Seat installs in seconds with no tools needed. I find most websites that make promises like this lie, but this one is true. We took the product out of the box, pressed the four suction cups against the window (actually, against Mom’s sliding glass door) and voila! In a total of about 5 seconds we were up and running.

The product claims to hold up to 40 pounds and again, I was skeptical. We didn’t actually put 40 lbs on to test it, but I bounced some of my weight down on it and it didn’t budge. I feel confidant two cats could curl up on the Sunny Seat and be fine.

So the rest of this review really comes from my mom.  She took her role as evaluator seriously and returned the seat to me with a page full of notes. In no particular order:

  • The seat is large, which is good, but that means you have to install it on a window that doesn’t have curtains or blinds or someplace where people aren’t constantly walking by it. (All her windows have blinds so we installed the Sunny Seat on her back porch door and she had to be careful not to bump into it.)
  • When Charmy, her large white cat, was on the Sunny Seat, his nose was practically pressed up against the glass, which she thought made it uncomfortable for him to be able to look out and see anything. However, he did sometimes sit on the seat with his back to the window warmed by the sun, and was able to gaze about the house from his perch.
  • The kitten was gnawing on the springs and Mom had to take the seat down a couple of times and readjust the tension and reposition the unit so it didn’t sag.
  • She found the Sunny Seat to be a bit clumsy looking and an eyesore in the room. Again, this could be because of where we had to place the unit. I disagree. I liked the neutral color and thought it disappeared as much as a cat seat attached to a window can when we had it up in our home.

Where does this leave us? Sunny Seat is not for my cats, but that’s nothing against the product itself. That’s just my cats. Mom didn’t like the look of the product and couldn’t find a place in her house where she was happy putting it, but her cats did use it. I think most cats would enjoy this product, whether they use it to look inside or outside. My suggestion to people would be to review the product (video below) before purchase and just make sure you have a place in mind on where to install it – no curtains, no blinds, preferably high up for the cat.