This past weekend as Blair and I were driving up to Wintergreen, VA, I noticed the personalized license plate on the car in front of us. 

"BE CALM," I read aloud.

"Advised the people driving the Lexus LX Suv," added Blair, eyeing the upscale black vehicle the plate hung on. 

We had a chuckle over it, passed them (that's what you get for being calm) and continued on our way. 

Flash forward to our drive home from Wintergreen.

"Look over there," said Blair, motioning to the lane next to us. 

Guess who? That's right, BE CALM was back beside us, returning from wherever they'd been at the exact same hour that we were. 

"No way," I said. "What are the odds? Obviously the Universe wants us to BE CALM." 

"I'm calm," said Blair. "Are you calm?"

"I was calm until I saw the BE CALM plate," 'I said. "Now, honestly, I'm a little freaked out." 

Nothing else to add. Just one of those asides that makes you think a bit and wonder if life is random or are things planned. What's your take on it?