Unexpected Gifts

My favorite gifts are the unexpected ones. A friend going to an Elie Wiesel book signing in Boston and sending me his memoir with a signed dedication to me. Another friend stitching the name of my next cat book onto a running visor. Blair sneaking Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice doughnuts into the house and surprising me with one for breakfast. And a friend gifting me the most awesome workout tank ever.

Here's how that last one came about. Last Saturday I headed up to Virginia to the 24-hour Crooked Road Run to help pace a few friends through some miles. Cindy Barbour was running the course for the second year in a row. She was on lap 37 when I arrived and, considering that Cindy is indefatigable by almost any standard, she was looking a little tired. We jogged/walked laps together until about lap 50, I got some food in her, made sure she changed into warm dry clothes before the sun set, and then I headed home while Cindy stayed the night, racking up an AMAZING 75 mile run!

To backtrack for a moment, the week before Cindy had taught a Bodypump class and arrived wearing this loud orange and black striped tank top that I fell in love with on sight. "I want that top!" I exclaimed several times and made her promise that I had first dibs if she ever got rid of it. She laughed but told me not to hold my breath -- she liked the top too. 

Back to the 24-hour run. I left Cindy with a huge coffee urn and my Garmin (funny how those things run out of juice after 10 hours of straight running) and so on Tuesday we made plans to meet so I could retrieve them. Cindy handed me a brown grocery bag with the coffee urn and watch and we went on our merry ways. Only later that night as I unpacked the bag did I see what was at the bottom of the bag--the orange and black tank top, neatly folded with a beautiful handcrafted card thanking me for being with her at the race. 

I let out a screech and started jumping up and down in my kitchen. People--I seriously love this tank top. And what just made it so perfect is that it was so unexpected. And it was one of those gifts that show real thought. Cindy couldn't have picked a better gift for me if she had sat down and thought about it for a month. Now, not only do I love the tank top for itself, but every time I see it I'm going to think of my wonderful, thoughtful (and total kick-ass runner) friend who gave it to me. 

LOVE unexpected gifts like that. 

By the way, Cindy has started a blog, Health & Wellness On The Run. Be sure to check it out. 

And look for me in your next Bodypump class. I'll be the one in the loud, striped tank top.