What To Look For In the New Year

It's that special time of year when I skip workouts, avoid scales and revert to my college wardrobe of sweatpants and t-shirts regardless of what the social occasion calls for. God, I love the close of a year. 

Bad personal hygiene habits aside, I also enjoy the end of the year because it signals a chance for a fresh start in the new one. That's right, I'm a resolution girl. Nothing makes me happier then to pull out pen and paper and catalog the ways I will be not only better but PERFECT in the New Year. 

Here's a glimpse into my "Dena, only better" goals for 2013.  

  1. Write Every Day. Could be 50 words, could be 5,000. I will write new words every day and blog posts don't count. No time off for holidays, birthdays, weekends, etc. either. Write, Dena. W-R-I-T-E.
  2. Publish 4 Magazine Articles
  3. No TV for January. I know I can't go all year with no TV, but I'd like to spend less time zoning and figure cold-turkey is the way to go. 
  4. Next Book Accepted for Publication. My editor has my next book proposal and fingers crossed it will fly. If not, I'll find a new idea and get the contract signed and the book started before 2013 ends. 
  5. 5-Minute Daily Meditation. I balk at 15-20 minutes so fine, baby steps it is. 
  6. Check Facebook Only 2x/Day. I can already feel separation anxiety setting in.
  7. Be A Better Friend. I need to work on being more present in my relationships and friendships. 
  8. Small Movements. Yes, I exercise like a beast, but I want to incorporate more small movements into my daily life. Yoga, short walks, hiking, random chin-ups on commercial breaks (when I can watch TV again). 
  9. Get 'er done. What is with the procrastination? As I write this, I can think of two light bulbs that need replaced, a coffee mug sitting in the front room waiting to be carried to the kitchen, and a folder full of recipes that needs sorting. It would take about 15 minutes to knock all three things out. Less stalling, more action in 2013.
  10. Handle Finances. This one is being forced on me by Blair, but he's right, I need to do it. We had, um, fun in 2012. Time to get back on track and reign in the spending. I get to be in charge of making sure we (but really I) stay on track. 

I've got a few more private goals but there's the bulk. A leaner, kinder, wiser, peaceful, meditative, appreciative, non-TV watching writing machine. That's me in 2013. 

Quit your giggling.