More Beach Time Fantasy vs. Reality

In my last post I wrote about how I dreamed my life at the beach would unfold versus what usually happens. I've been at the beach condo for not quite two days now... how are things measuring up? 


As expected, life--and me--are perfect. I wake up early Sunday morning, brew some (decaf) coffee and do a brief meditation before breakfast. I eat a light breakfast of cottage cheese and berries then head out to the beach for a 2-hour walk. (Confession: It would have been closer to a 90-minute walk except I pulled a Dena and walked past my condo, not realizing it until I was another 15 minutes down the beach.) 

Fruit, wine, rice crackers and chipolte gouda cheese. Returning, I shower, spend some time writing, then head to the beach where I actually do a little more work, interspersed with reading. Back inside for the delightful snack you see here, then one more hour of sun before showering. 

I haven't cooked gourmet meals--yet--but I've done a bit of cooking in that I boiled eggs, made this Shepard's Salad, roasted someShepherd's Salad brussels sprouts, and popped a sweet potato in the microwave so I can add it to my salads over the next few days. On this day I'm also doing MINDFUL eating, where I take the time to lay everything out on nice plates and eat at the table, focusing on my food. 

I even managed to slip on a cute sundress to run around town in. All-in-all, day one was living the dream.


Then we come to day two. Actually, I'm doing okay. I mediated this morning, although it was briefer and less focused. What I've noticed is I'm getting progressively sloppier with each hour. Where yesterday I didn't put a cup down without immediately moving it to the dishwasher, today my hair care products, clothes, books, etc. are just a teeny-tiny more spread out then they were before. I'm making an effort to keep the place as spotless for Blair as it was for me when I arrived, but Wednesday may see a flurry of cleaning activity. 

Taco Bowl with Kale Chips. Photo from Mark's Daily Apple.Cooking is still going well, although I am more tempted to just grab something from the fridge, eat and go. I've planned some meals though, including this yumminess you see to your right (minus the meat) for tonight's meal. I may go grab some fresh seafood to grill on the side. 

it's cloudy and thunderstorms here today so the "fantasy" writing time is much easier to make a reality. Also--and did I call this one or what?--I can't work the TV here. Can't even get it to turn on. I thought about calling the rental company then decided it was a sign that I don't need TV this week, so I'm letting it go. 

I made it to a body-pump class this morning and as soon as there's a break in the weather, I'm going to dash out for a quick run. 

Other than that, writing, writing, writing. And praying the sun returns tomorrow. There is NOTHING worse then coming home from a week at the beach without a tan. ;)