A New Home & Savoring Life

If any of you follow me on Facebook, meet me in person, or perhaps saw the plane I hired to write the words across the sky, you know Blair and I are moving to Greensboro. 

I am beyond excited. We've spent the last couple of weeks house hunting and yesterday went back for second looks at several homes. One in particular captured our hearts. And our imaginations. I don't know exactly when I decided I was a gourmet chef who needed a kitchen to reflect my culinary expertise, but the home we ended up making an offer on has a kitchen that's to die for. I shall feel most Julia Child like as I scramble eggs and heat up soup.

So yes, we made an offer on a home and now the nail biting begins. Will they accept? Will they counter? How much are we willing to move? How much are they? 

As I'm forward thinking on the new home, I find myself with a new appreciation for the home I'm leaving. A friend forwarded me a Zen Habits post on savoring life and it's resonated with me in terms of appreciating the time we have left in our current home. It's like I'm seeing our home again through new eyes. I'm reminded how much I love my kitchen with the skylight, the heated floor in the master bath, the fireplace in the workout room, the orange hall I spent a weekend painting when Blair was out of town. I'll miss the coal-burning fireplaces, the creaky boards and the big front porch.

I'm still ready to go, but the upside is that I'm truly enjoying the time I have left in our home. 

Keep your eyes peeled to the sky for updates on whether the offer goes through. 



Change One Habit A Month. This Month: Using Tableware

I've subscribed to the No Meat Athlete blog by Matt Frazier almost since he started it. It's where I built my knowledge base on how to fuel my body for running while remaining true to my vegetarian roots.

Over the past couple of years, Matt has branched out from what used to be primarily running and vegetarian cooking advice to more overall lifestyle advice. (I use the word "advice" hesitantly, as Matt is very "do what works for you" in  his approach to most everything and "advice" always sounds preachy to me.) I was particularly taken with his most recent post on How I've Begun Changing My Life, One Habit At A Time


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