Change One Habit A Month. This Month: Using Tableware

I've subscribed to the No Meat Athlete blog by Matt Frazier almost since he started it. It's where I built my knowledge base on how to fuel my body for running while remaining true to my vegetarian roots.

Over the past couple of years, Matt has branched out from what used to be primarily running and vegetarian cooking advice to more overall lifestyle advice. (I use the word "advice" hesitantly, as Matt is very "do what works for you" in  his approach to most everything and "advice" always sounds preachy to me.) I was particularly taken with his most recent post on How I've Begun Changing My Life, One Habit At A Time


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Salad For Breakfast?

I've been reading more and more lately about the benefits of having salad for breakfast but couldn't quite make the leap to try it. No toast? No banana? No cereal with almond milk? Why on earth would someone chose to eat this way?

Probably because it's yummy, filling, and a great way to get your greens in early in the day. 

No-Meat Athlete posted a great salad recipe that, while it had chickpeas, celery, slivered almonds and baby spinach, also had melon. blueberries, and a strawberry-agave dressing. I made a big batch of the salad on Monday and have been eating it for breakfast all week and loving it. I'm stuffed and stay full full until lunch. 

I haven't got quite to the point where I eat salad as a pre-exercise meal, even though that's recommended. I still want a little bread lining my belly before I tackle cardio. But I'm enjoying it as a post-workout snack so much, I'm now on the hunt for other breakfast salads. 

Quick unrelated side note, but writing about food reminded me of it. The other week when I was at the doctor's office waiting to be seen, I picked up a back issue of Good Housekeeping to flip through. I turned to the recipe section and stared in horror at the bloody animal carcasses that covered the pages--some braised meat monstrosity. I've been reading vegetarian magazines for so long, I forgot what it's like to come upon pictures of bloody meat, decorated with parsley. 

Bon Apetit!

Photo from No Meat Athlete