What do Deer and "Hell Yeah!" Have In Common?

I was talking to a friend the other day about living joyfully. Writing, relationships, exercise, chores... everything in life flows so much smoother on the days I approach life with a playful "let's just see what happens here" type of excited expectancy. I think the Universe works to bring us what we want when we don't spend so much time and energy fighting for what we think we need

I was thinking about this on today's trail run. I've been doing a trail run once a week after I work out with a friend. We work upper body for about 45 minutes and then I run. Last week, I was miserable. My arms and shoulders hurt from the workout and I brought this into my run. My mantra that day was something along the lines of, "Ow, this hurts, this sucks, I'm not going to make it."  Guess what? I had a crappy run, walking a good part of it. 

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Living Up To The "Hell Yeah!" Blog Post

It's always interesting which blog posts hit a nerve and make the rounds. To this day, the most popular post I've put up (at least according to the Squarespace stats) is this post about eating a Snickers during my 24-hour ultra. Who knew "Snickers" was such a popular search word? 

Lately, however, the "Saying 'Hell Yeah!' to Life" post has been making the rounds, especially after Kim Williams was kind enough to repost it on his wonderful blog, Wishful Preaching

Writing a blog post and living it are two different things, however. Fortunately, I have friends and family to hold me accountable. For example, my friend Christie and I e-mail our workout schedules each week to see where we might match up for a run or a Bodypump class together. This week, I e-mailed her my schedule and for Friday typed the note - "I can do an 8 a.m. spin class if you'll do it with me." 

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