Beach Time: Fantasy versus Reality

I'm going mad. Me, attempting to pack everything I've convinced myself I'll need for the beach is the definition of insanity. You think I overpack for trips to Europe? That's nothing compared to the damage I can do packing for a simple beach trip to Hilton Head. How hard can it be? Bikini, towel, shorts, sunscreen, go!

The problem is that there is a huge discrepancy in how I hope, wish and dream my time at the beach will be spent, and what actually occurs. 

The Dream: Each day I thoughtfully peruse the vegan/vegetarian cookbooks I packed and pick out healthy, low sugar, low carb, high protein, tasty meals comprised of dark leafy greens, bright vegetables, and fish that I grill on the stove top grill I've already hauled out to the car and hidden in the trunk before Blair could question where the hell I thought I was going with that thing. I ride my bike to the store in the early evening, buying only enough food for that night's meal, which I prepare while sipping wine and swaying in the kitchen to beach music.

The Reality: I will eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and most dinners. 


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