Do Not Trust False Kitty

Rumor has it there is a 4-year-old kitty in Tokyo named @NyatsbyKitti who is trying to pass himself off as the model for the cat on Lessons In Stalking.


That's a bad kitty, Nyatsby! Bad kitty! (Even though you are very pretty...)

Lessons In Stalking on Pink October

Want a chance to win a free copy of Lessons In Stalking: Adjusting to Life With Cats AND support a good cause? Visit Pink October which is raising awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness. Five of my books are being given away as prizes. Here are the rules as stated on the site:

Would you like a chance to win a copy for yourself? Here is what you need to do:

  • Visit Dena Harris’s website, then leave a comment on this post.
  • Comment before 9:00pm (MST) on Friday October 24th.
  • Be sure to fill out the email portion of the comment form, as the winners will be contacted by email.
  • Winners will be selected at random from the qualified entries.
You may also receive extra entries to this giveaway by doing one or all of the following:
  • Subscribe to the Wish List Worthy feed.
  • Add Wish List Worthy to your blogroll.
  • Write a post about Pink October 2008.
  • Make a $5 donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation.
If you have a chance today, why not give the site a quick visit? Other prizes will be available each week.

BTW, I "met" the woman who runs this site through TWITTER, thereby justifying (in my mind) the amount of time I spend on the site as being "work-related."

Happy Tuesday.

Paranormal Pets - Ghost Cat In My Bed

Hey everyone--here's a link to my interview on Pet Life Radio on their "Paranormal Pets" program. I spoke with host Dusty Rainbolt last week about the ghost cat that lives in our house. Laugh if you must, but ghost kitty exists. He/she makes sporadic appearances late at night, curling up at the end of our bed on my feet. You'll be able to learn all about it in the 5-minute interview.

FYI, Dusty's program is entertaining and I encourage you to listen to the entire show but if you're pressed for time and looking for my part, I come in around minute 9. 

Here's the MP3 of the interview: Ghost Cat In My Bed.

Nothing Is Ever Simple

Here's a perfect, recent example of how I back up to work and get bogged down in the process.

Kiss My Kitty Butt - More Life With Cats will most likely be published in Spring of 2009. I decided I need a temporary logo for the book, just something to put on Facebook, e-mails, etc. to start generating some excitement for the book. I asked a friend to illustrate a bored, disparaging looking cat for the logo, and I love what she came up with. I then e-mailed the logo today to my website designer, Melody Watson, and asked her to pull together a logo for me.

In thinking about the logo, I decided I wanted the web address included - Might as well get the advertising in early. I own the domain, but haven't but up a page yet. Problem. I don't want to send people to a blank page.

So I decided to ask Melody if she could redirect the domain so my web page shows up.

But that only has the old book on it. I need something on there announcing the Spring 2009 arrival of KMKB. So I asked Melody to create some sort of banner or button announcing the new book.

If I get people to go as far as the page, I don't want to lose them. So I need to include an e-mail address where they can either pre-order the book or be put on a list to be alerted when the book is available. I'm debating if I want to use, or, or

You see the mess? I went from one quick e-mail asking for a logo to suddenly needing a domain name redirect, banner announcement, new e-mail address, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

When I sat down, I thought it would be to shoot off a two second e-mail to Melody. It turned into a page of text that ended with, "You know what? Just call me and let's discuss."

For obvious reasons, I make sure to stay on her good side...